Signed Books

Books are available signed by me for the regular price of ten dollars plus 2 bucks for shipping, for a grand total of 12 dollars each.  This is only for residents of the U.S.  If you are in a different country, shipping is more (unless your name is Ryan Foster, he gets grandfathered in at the regular price since he was my first Canadian reader)

To get a signed book, please email me at and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Include in your email:
What book(s) you would like
Your name, or whatever name you want signed
Any other special messages
Your grandmother’s amazing mashed potato recipe
The answer to this week’s puzzler on CarTalk
Also, if you happen to know where I left my good cheese slicer, the one with the wooden handle, please tell me that.

2 Responses to Signed Books

  1. Scott Glazier says:

    Just read about your new book on Facebook. Please send paypal invoice for signed copy ! Looking forward to it

    • Hi Scott!
      I have these books in now for signed copies. I need your email in order to send you an invoice if you are still interested. You can get in touch with me at Travismohrman(at sign)

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