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In Defense of Monster Porn

A few months ago a peculiar thing started popping up on my radar.  Erotica has become increasingly popular, particularly the subgenre stuff that caters to, let’s say fringe interests.  I saw a few news stories about “Dinosaur Erotica”, one in particular … Continue reading

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A Bench

This is just a photo post about building a bench.  It is lacking in serious details because I am not generally big into details, but it has lots of pretty pictures! If you have specific questions, like you want to … Continue reading

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Quilts! Because Blankets Suck!

When Travis asked me to do a guest post about quilting I was a little skeptical.  Most of his posts are somewhat instructional, and although I’ve been sewing for a long time, I’ve never really focused on learning “actual sewing … Continue reading

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Spinning…Always Spinning

I like to turn wood.  It’s just fun.  The log is spinning at speeds you can’t imagine, wood chips are flying off everywhere, VERY bad things can happen at any second if you’re not paying attention.  Really, this is right … Continue reading

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