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National Dog Day?

Apparently yesterday was National Dog Day.  I don’t know if this is a ‘real’ thing or some Facebook meme run rampant (notice that every week is mental health awareness week now?) and I don’t much care.  Dogs are great, they … Continue reading

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Damn Snobs!

A: “Hey man, want some black jelly beans? I have a whole bag!  I know you love jelly beans!” B: “Gross!  I love jellybeans, but those taste bad” A: “Yeah, I get that a lot”   A: “Hey lady, want … Continue reading

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A Failure

This is going to be a visual depiction of all the stages of turning a spalted bowl. FYI: Spalting is the process of allowing wood to go through a sort of controlled rot where fungal mycelium start growing in the … Continue reading

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On Delaying Gratitude

I try to live in the moment and all that hippy nonsense, but my ways sneak out on their own all the time. I need your help trying to figure out if I’m weird or relatively normal in my eating … Continue reading

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On Inconvenient Cooking

I enjoy living. To this end, I need a few basic things…air, clean water, scotch, red wine, and FOOD. Right now I’m going to focus on the food. I like the term “Inconvenient Cooking” because people ruined “Slow Food” for … Continue reading

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Gotta Be A Record!

In the late summer of 2012 we had a new shiny and extra-efficient woodstove installed with a big blower in it. That fall was also quite warm, so using the new woodstove (which I was quite proud of) we were … Continue reading

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A Perfect Circle

Cooking beans is one of the easiest things you can do in the kitchen, right? You just soak the beans overnight, drain the water, put more water in, and boil the piss out of them for an hour.  Then drain … Continue reading

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6 Months

I have now been six months free from nicotine, tobacco, and generally inhaling anything except sweet baby atmospheric mix and whatever hound scent is made of.  This is just a quick update post for those who may be following along (or folks … Continue reading

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The Loveliest Smile Indeed

This time of year I get asked about the leaves changing color pretty frequently.  Sometimes by adults, sometimes by kids, even sometimes by hippies.  Pretty much always after asking me, and before giving me time to answer, they hit me with … Continue reading

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The 5 Samoans

Hi Everybody! Everyone is starting fitness trends so I decided to make one up too! I’ve seen dozens of various workout programs recently. Many of them try to sound mysterious by being named after some far off land.  Also, including … Continue reading

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