Damn Snobs!

A: “Hey man, want some black jelly beans? I have a whole bag!  I know you love jelly beans!”
B: “Gross!  I love jellybeans, but those taste bad”
A: “Yeah, I get that a lot”

A: “Hey lady, want some Brazil nuts?”
B: “No thanks, I’m more of an almond and cashew girl”
A: “They are a little more ‘meaty’ I guess.”

A: “You want an orange soda?”
B: “No thanks.  Do you have any white sodas?”
A: “Nope”
B: “I’m good with water, thanks”


A:”Hungry?  I’ve got some chicken thighs”
B: “I like the white meat”
A: “More for me!”


A: “You want a Bud Light?”
B: ” No, thanks.  I mostly just drink IPA.”
A: “You’re a beer snob!”


One of these fictional interactions is a little different than the other.  Does anyone care to explain?


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2 Responses to Damn Snobs!

  1. jthomasnagle says:

    I’ll take the pro or con of each situation except for being a snob of any kind.

  2. Jessie Vandergriff says:

    I would just say no to Bud Light bc I really don’t care for it. As far as figuring this out you are much smarter than me.

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