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Optimism, it’s what’s for dinner!

Amazon has announced that it will have a book borrowing program called Kindle Unlimited.  Quick explanation:  For ten bucks you can borrow unlimited ebooks, but only those in the Kindle Select program (the ones you could borrow once a month if … Continue reading

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In Defense of Monster Porn

A few months ago a peculiar thing started popping up on my radar.  Erotica has become increasingly popular, particularly the subgenre stuff that caters to, let’s say fringe interests.  I saw a few news stories about “Dinosaur Erotica”, one in particular … Continue reading

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A Bench

This is just a photo post about building a bench.  It is lacking in serious details because I am not generally big into details, but it has lots of pretty pictures! If you have specific questions, like you want to … Continue reading

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