New Covers!!!

When I was shopping around for a cover artist for the Finding Their Path, I was quickly turned off by the process.  Not only were they very expensive, but they seemed to not be responsive to email.  The first artist told me a cover would be 1500 dollars and the second didn’t respond to an inquiry for ten days.  I know everyone is busy, but an email is not hard to respond to with a simple, “Hey, I’m at a busy time right now, blah blah blah”.

So, I went shopping for pre-made covers.  This was kind of fun and also kind of weird.  Turns out, at least half of the pre-made covers are all for romance novels (who knew?) and you kind of had to sift through a bunch of that stuff looking for a diamond in the rough.

I think this is my favorite one

I think this is my favorite one

Then I stumbled onto this one pre-made cover site. It was called Rocking Book Covers. I quickly noticed a darker theme than the other junk I had been looking at.  Also, these pre-mades had a serious lack of silicon parts and shaved chests.  I found a cover I thought might work for the new book and emailed the artist about it. Then I continued looking at his site and saw dozens of nice covers.  None of them fit my books, but they looked really good.

This might be my favorite,  I like the orange colors a lot.

This might be my favorite, I like the orange colors a lot.

After playing around with the pre-made cover for an hour, and receiving several more emails from the artist Adrijus, I had decided to just have him make me a custom cover.  Two days later I was so impressed with him I increased my purchase to a full ebook and print cover.

The third book was the first one created by Adrijus.

This is probably my favorite. Well, top 3 for sure!

Adrijus has now created custom covers for all three books and they are released into the world.  I couldn’t be happier with his work.  I wish I had more books completed so he could make more covers for me!  If you are an author, or if you think you might be, please consider working with Rocking Book Covers.  You won’t regret it.  Adrijus is just a cool and crazy-talented guy.

I want to point out that the print covers for the first and second book are not changing.  Some things need to stay the same.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with either of those books and I like that.  I remember taking both of those pictures and the excitement I had creating those covers.  I remember printing out the first one (to post on the fridge) and having the stark realization that I had actually written a book.  For that reason, I have no plans to change the print covers of either of the first two books.  Call me sentimental.


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