Classy Gift Card Holders

It’s that wonderful time of year again.  The time when people spend hours thinking about what the “perfect gift” would be for their friends and family.  People toss and turn over it.  They wonder if the thing they think their friend would love is just actually something they really want.  My grandma needs a 20” planer, right?

A flashlight nearly as big as a dog....perfect present for my sister?

A flashlight nearly as big as a dog….perfect present for my sister?

In today’s world, people frequently just fall back on gift cards.  They work well as presents, especially because sometimes the person is saving up gift cards from multiple people to purchase, say, a 20” planer.

If only there was a way to put the gift card in something unique, something that says “hey, I got you what you really wanted, but I thought maybe you would also enjoy this small, personalized thing.”

I have a way for you to buy gift cards, but then put them in something cool, something that helps people who are technically small business owners.

Do not put gift cards inside pie.

Do not put gift cards inside pie.

Put your gift cards in a signed, independently-published book!  Hooray!  Most Indie authors are happy to sell signed physical versions of their books, and usually for pretty cheap.  Most will even sign it to whomever you would like.   A totally random example for you, mine are only ten bucks plus 2 for shipping.

I’m not just pushing my books, but all independent books out there.  Maybe the person receiving the gift card is into WOOL fanfiction, or a sexy warrior who says strange words like ‘mayhap’, or expansive fantasy realms with dragons and stuff.  DeadPixel Publications has something for everyone on your Festivus list.

Did someone say Sexy Warrior?

Did someone mention a Sexy Warrior?

Really though, the point is just to spread independent authors work around a little, introduce it to the newbies and such.  Signed books also make a great contribution to “Poop on a Yankee” or “Swap Wives With Your Neighbor”… or whatever that game is.  The one  where you all pass around presents that don’t cost much, and then bargain over further exchanges, you know what I’m talking about.  They played it on that show that time…

Most Indie authors offer signed books through their websites.  If they don’t have websites, they almost always have an email accessible or a facebook link and you can send them a note to ask.  For the record, I did this very thing today.  Tony Bertauski said YES and made me the happiest man in the world. Wait, I think you’re misunderstanding…

Bottom line, stuff your gift cards into a signed Indie book.  Extra bonus, books wrap very easily.  If you ask me nicely, I may even draw a picture of the Kwaanza-Bot and Chanukah Zombie in the midst of roaring game of Blernsball!

Are you making up words again?

Are you making up words again?

Hurry up though! Judging by the angle of the sun, you only have a few weeks to order them!


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