It’s Not The Heat…..

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

Seriously, this is going to be a bit of a rant, you’ve been warned.  Bender helps explain it though.  This softens the blow, perhaps?

It’s the end of July in St Louis…’s hot.  With the exception of that weird Wyoming snow storm, it’s hot in most places in this country….because it’s the end of July.  This is a surprise to no one.

Remember to drink lots of water

Remember to drink lots of water

At least around here it’s actually been a very mild summer.  only a handful of days above 95 so far.  We didn’t even turn our AC on until July.  That’s nothing!  C’mon people.

Take a break in the shade

Take a break in the shade

Folks run around acting like some heat and humidity kills you the second you step out in it.  I know people that work inside all day but on hot days they still bounce around talking about how they need to stay hydrated because it’s ‘a hot one’.  All the while my shirt and shorts are totally soaked through, I’m chugging water but know it will be another 7 hours before I feel the urge to use the bathroom.  I’m as hydrated as I can get, but my body says “we’re not letting any of this go! My Precious!”.

Jump in a creek if you can find one

Jump in a creek if you can find one

And yes, the heat can be dangerous, no doubt about it.  It’s like a hurricane though….you get ample warning.  It will not come as a surprise.  (The elderly are given a pass in this rant because I understand they can get some signals crossed and not realize how hot they are.  Check on them when it’s hot, that’s real.)  If you’re out working in the sun, or even in the shade, and you get a little hit of dizziness, that’s a sign. You were just warned.  Take a break.  Keep working and maybe your stomach does a tumble…like a weird flip-flop.  That’s another sign. You have been warned twice.  Take a break, dummy.  Then you vomit.  Your body now hates you.  You are being stupid. Get out of the heat and go cool down.  Maybe don’t choose a day with a heat index of 110 to play your beer’lympics competition.  It’s not rocket science, people, it’s common sense.  Bitching about it won’t change a damn thing.

Don't be stupid

Don’t be stupid

Remember, it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity that gets ya.


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