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Finding Their Path has now been released!  Click the Books tab for more info on it.

This is the third book I have written and I think it is the first time that I had a decent number of readers waiting for it to come out.   It was totally different than the book releases for the previous two and it was a ton of fun!

The acknowledgements section doesn’t offer enough space though, so I am expanding it right here.

This book took longer than all the others to write, and I think that’s a good thing.  I wanted to point out that some of those same readers who were waiting for it to come out helped shape the story in both large and small ways.  The beta readers: Ryan Foster, Jessica McDaniel, and Jon Dunning all helped catch typos and point out things that didn’t sound right.  Jon was probably wishing for more U’s in the words, but kept that mostly to himself.  Thank you all.

Heather Reed Thomas was another beta reader, but she went above the call of duty by providing me with lots of background knowledge of a certain high school in Montana and the surrounding neighborhood.  She also taught me that if the word “Marine” isn’t capitalized then you’re talking about sea life.  A very important thing and critical for the book.  Thank you very much.

Colby Zoeller was also a beta reader who caught many of my finger slips and other general mishaps that come from typing 2,000 words an hour while being mostly sober. Even bigger than that though, he gave me the title!  Were it not for Colby, I don’t have a clue what I would be calling this book.  The other title I had come up with just didn’t fit as well as the one he came up with.  Now, everyone reading this should go check out his work, Book of Bob, on Goodreads right here.  Thank you Colby!

Done reading Book of Bob?  Pretty cool, eh?  Yeah, It’s good stuff.  Anyway, as I was saying, hallucinogens don’t really…wait, that was a different conversation…oh yeah, here we go…

Debbie Robbins.  What can I say about this wonderful lady?  She took this lump of red Missouri clay and made the faces and backstory much more interesting.  She also pointed out that I use the word “quickly” far too much.  Turns out, that’s very true!  Seriously though, this story has her to thank for much of the depth of characters and many other nuanced things that you may or may not notice (I wanted Jeep to be called Kia).  You may notice that in the acknowledgements section, Bender quickly snuck in and changed Debbie’s last name to “Thomas”.  This has already been corrected in the print version and is being corrected in the digital file.  Sorry about that!  Thank you greatly, Debbie!

Then we come to Mindy.  Over ten years ago, when we were married on a glade in central Missouri, neither of us thought I would be writing books…ever. Yet, when I say I am going to write another book, she supports me (and does most of the dishes, which is possibly why I write these things in the first place…).  Every time I finish a few chapters, she reads them over and offers corrections and tweaks.  Important stuff that from my perspective on the world, I don’t necessarily understand.  5’6″ isn’t short for a woman?  No one has as much of a hand shaping and creating these stories as she does.  She sat and read this third installment as many times as I did, and trust me, that gets old. She is my “First Reader”, and my “Last Reader”. These stories would never exist without her and I shudder to think of what the hell I would be doing if she wasn’t around.  ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyoubuttsqueezeThankyouThankyouThankyou

Fry, thanks for chillin’ when I needed to write.  Bender, you did nothing but annoy me while looking damn handsome when I was trying to get things done. Cat, *head nod*



P.S. Finding Their Path contains 3 Simpsons references, 7 Futurama references, and one WOOL reference.  If you find them all, I’ll buy you a beer!


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