A Good Deal

In honor of the new book, Finding Their Path, having such an awesome opening week, I have decided to have a big sale.

A sale you say?

A sale you say?

My first book, Down The Path, will go on sale for .99 cents for the entire month of September!

Holy Cow!  Is it Christmas?

Holy Cow! Is it Christmas?

Hopefully, this allows people try out the first book for 70% off and see if they would enjoy the series.

Damn, that's cool!

Damn, that’s cool!

So, if you know someone who just might enjoy the books, please let them know about this sale and the big-time money savings!  I recommend spending the 2 saved dollars on a vice of some kind, any vice really.  Could be booze, could be cheez-its, maybe even the box set DVD’s of ‘Miami Vice’, I don’t care.

and here's bender doing a Kilroy impression.

and here’s bender doing a Kilroy impression.


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2 Responses to A Good Deal

  1. Andrew says:

    I just happened to be browsing around Amazon last night and stumbled on your new “path” book. I had read the first two (and just got my wife reading ‘Down the Path’ this week) and thought I would check once again to see if you had a new one. Lucky me, you did!

    Now I just need to finish reading my current book so I can get to yours! Best of luck 🙂

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